Monday, February 10, 2020

Promotional and Advertising Strategies Assignment - 2

Promotional and Advertising Strategies - Assignment Example From this discussion it is clear that  the owners of the Ford still have the primary control of their company compared to GM that is politically controlled and the federal government has some impact on the business. The two companies are very different in culture as well as their marketing strategies. For example, General Motors have pulled itself out of Facebook while Ford is making the platform to influence the world more and more. GM got assistance from the government to overcome the storm while Ford found its way to the crisis and survived.This paper outlines that  the social marketing strategy of the two companies is interesting in several ways like, while GM strives and tries to use the traditional methods in marketing their products by abandoning their Facebook account, Ford is on the other hand attempting to embrace the social platform to connect with its customers that give it a competitive edge.  Scholars have always talked about using social media as one way of reach ing the potential customers of a given product and get a lot of benefits from this strategy. Comparing these two companies, Ford has been ranked as the number one company using Facebook to help itself, their brand and the stakeholders too. Ford is said to understand the ways of reaching the new market while GM does not seem to understand these methods.  While GM tries to dictate where it wants its customers to go, Ford, on the other hand, tries to listen to its clients and make products that suit their customers' specifications.

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